Lirthei document thi tawhte la dam anga ngaih tur

KT Beichho, Commission & Secretay, Transport Department chuan thupek chhuahin, Finance Department-in phalna a pek angin Transport Department chuan lirthei kaihhnawih documents zawng zawng 0 Fitness Certificate, Permit hrang hrang, Driving Licence, Registration Certificate, Passenger and Goods Taxes, Road Taxes leh documents dangte chu ni 1.2.2020 aṭanga chhiar ṭanin, ni 30.9.2021 thlenga thite chu a la dam/valid anga pawm a nih tur thu a tichhuak a, hemi hun chhunga lirthei document thite chu late fee ngaihdam an nih tur thu a sawi bawk.

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