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Directorate of Geology & Mineral Resources chuan thuchhuah siamin, Mizoram Minor Minerals Concession Rules, 2000 hnuaia Lung, Balu, Brickearth leh a dangte (Minor Minerals) la chhuak turin Directorate of Geology & Mineral Resources, Mizoram aṭangin Phalna – Mining Lease (Long Term)/ Mining Permit (Short Term) neih tur a nih bakah National Green Tribunal (NGT) Thupek (order) November ni 4, 2020 angin Environmental Clearance neih a ngai tawh dawn tih mipuite a hriattir.

Thuchhuahah chuan Environmental Clearance nei tur hian 0-5 Hectare-a zau tan Form-1M, Pre Feasibility Report (PFR) leh Mining Plan neih a ngai a, heng hi Directorate of Geology & Mineral Resources-ah dil tur a ni tih a tarlang a, 5 Hectares aia zauvah chuan Form-1, Pre Feasibility Report (PFR) leh Mining Plan bakah Environmental Management Plan (EMP) neih a ngai bawk a. EMP siam nan Department chuan NABET/QCCI Consultant ruai turin hma a la mek a, heng atana sum leh pai pawh lo inruahman turin lung laa eizawngtute bakah phalna dil turte a hriattir a ni.

Protected/Reserved Forest chhunga Lung la tur chuan Environment, Forests & Climate Change (EF&CC) Dept. aṭangin Forest Clearance lak zel tur a ni tih a tarlang bawk.

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