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Bru vote thlak dan tur chiang lo

Tuirial Assembly constituency by-election atan ni sarih chiah a awm tawh a, hetihlai hian Election Commission of India (ECI) chuan Tripura relief camp-a Bru awm, Mizoram electoral roll-a chuangte vote thlak dan turah thutlukna siam a la nei lo.

Mizorama political party pathum MNF, Congress leh ZPM te chuan ECI-ah ngenna thlenin, Tripura-a inbengbel tawh, Tuirial biala electoral roll-a hming la chuang Bru-te vote thlak phalsak lo turin an lo ngen tawh.

Election department hotute chuan Bru-te vote thlakna tur hmun ruahman a la awm loh thu an sawi a, vote an neihna polling booth ah ngei vote thlaktir an ni dawn nge, an awm mekna relief camp ah vote an thlak dawn tih sawi theih a la nih loh thu an sawi.

Tuirial bialah hian Bru vote nei mi 663 an awm a. Chung mite hi Hortoki polling station-ah voters 176 leh Zodin (Rastali) ah voters 487 te an ni.
January 1,2021 thlenga chhinchhiah dan chuan Tuirial (ST) Assembly constituency ah hian polling station 26 awmin, voters 17,905 an awm a, heng zingah hian mipa 8,818 leh hmeichhia 9,087 an awm.

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