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Central Team-in Mizoram tlawh

Mizorama Covid-19 hripui darh mek zirchiang tura sawrkar laipuiin a rawn tirh Multi Disciplinary Covid-19 Study Team chuan nimin khan Mizoram an rawn thleng a, nimin tlai khan State Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP), Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Aizawl East leh Aizawl West-a officer-te nen an ṭhukhawm nghal a, meeting hi Dr.Pachuau Lalmalsawma, State Nodal Officer, Covid-19 in kaihruaiin, Aizawl District a Covid-19 dona a hmalakna chi hrang hrang an thlirin an zirho a, Central Team hian vawiinah District hrang hrang a CMO-te nen Video Conference an neih hnuah CMO, Aizawl West huamchhung a Covid-19 damlo te enkawlna hmun an tlawh ang a, naktukah Champhai District-a Covid-19 dinhmun zirchiang turin Aizawl an chhuah san ang.

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