Lunglei Municipal Council din tura rawtna pawm

Nimin khan Chief Minister hova CM Conference Hall-a Council of Minister ṭhukhawm chuan Lunglei Municipal Council din tura rawtna lut chu an pawm.

He ṭhutkhawmah hian Mizoram Municipalities (Facilities to Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairman Vice Chairman and Councillors) (Amendment) Rules, 2021 chu pawm bawkin, Administrative Reforms Committee Volume-2 report leh rawtnate (DP&AR atangalut) chu a thuphunga pawm a ni bawk.

PWD aṭanga lut Mizo-ram Road Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2021 chu pawm niin, Tourism department-in ngaihtuah tura an thehluh draft Mizoram Aero Sports (Amendment) Rules, 2021 leh draft Mizoram Registration of Tourist Trade (Amendment) Rules, 2021 pawh pawm a ni a. Finance Department aṭanga Mizoram Finance Commission (Salaries and allowances) Rules, 2010 siamṭhat te, Kolasib Rural WATSAN Sub-Division chu Kawnpui WATSAN Sub-Division a hmingthlak leh Kolasib aṭanga Kawnpuia headquarter thlakte, Kolasib Maintenance Sub-Division chu Kolasib WATSAN Sub-Division tia thlak tura PHED-in an putluh chu pawm a ni a, Commerce & Industries department in Mizoram Ease of Doing Business Bill, 2021 a lut chu pawm a ni bawk.

Heng bakah hian DP & AR aṭangin draft Mizoram Stenographer Service Rules, 2021 te, draft Mizoram Subordinate Stenographer Service Rules, 2021 te, draft Mizoram Engineering Service (Department Examination) Regulations 2021 leh draft Mizoram Ministerial Service Rules, 2021 te pawm a ni bawk.

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