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LC leh VC by election result puang

State Election Commission ruahmannaa kar kalta ningani a Aizawl Municipal Corporation leh Autonomous Dist Council-a Local Council leh Village Council inthlanthatna result chu nimin khan SEC chuan a tichhuak.

AMC huamchhung Laipuitlangah MNF candidate thlan tlin a ni a, Zemabawkah ZPM candidate, Armed Veng ah Congress candidate, Tuithiang-ah ZPM candidate, Republic ah MNF candidate leh Venghnuai ah MNF candidate thlan tlin a ni.

Lai Autonomous Dist Council-a Village Council 4 ah MNF candidate 2, INC leh BJP candidate 1 ve ve thlan an ni.

Mara Autonomous Dist Council VC member seat 14 ah BJP in seat 7 an la a, MNF in seat 5 an la a, Congress in seat 2 an la a ni.

Chakma Autonomous Dist Council seat 24 ruakah MNF in seat 19 an la a, BJP in seat 3 la in, Independent candidate 2 thlan tlin an ni bawk.

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