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Home Isolation hun chhung siamtha

Sawrkar laipuia Ministry of Health & Family Welfare-in Covid-19 hri kai mahni in lama inenkawl (Home Isolation) kaihhruaina (Guidelines) siamṭhatna a tihchhuah zulzui leh State Level Expert Team on Covid-19 Management in ṭha a tih angin Home Isolation chu a hun chhung siamṭhat a ni.

Covid-19 kai, in lama in enkawlte chu positive tih hriat an nihna sample lak ni aṭanga ni sarih (7 days) tal a ral a, a hma ni 3 chhung (ni 5-na aṭanga ni 7-na thleng)-a khawsik an neih loh bawk chuan an in khungna aṭanga chhuah theih a ni ang a. Mask erawh ṭha takin an vuah chhunzawm zel tur a ni. Home Isolation hunbi hi sawi tak anga a zawh fel tawh chuan test neih leh kher a ngai tawh lo a ni.

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