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Thutlukna la siam lo

Aizawl khawpui chhung hmun hrang hranga Assam Riffles-in ram an chhuahsan tur mimal ram neite sût tura Central YMA in Gauhati high court a PIL a thehluhah thutlukna siam a la ni lo.

Central YMA in Gauhati High Court-a PIL a thehluh hi court chuan a ngaihtuah tawh a, chinfel thuai a nih beisei thu Central YMA Ukil chuan a sawi a. Assam Riffles ram luahah hian mimal ram nei 50 vel an awm a, kum 2012 khan Joint NGO chuan heng mimal ram neite hi sawrkara pe let turin a lo ngen tawh a, mi pahnihin Central YMA hnenah an LSC an pe let a, mi pathum dangin Revenue Department lamah an thehlut bawk nia thudawn a ni.

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