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Excise leh Police Deptt.-a mi 11 Governor’s medal hlân

Nimin khan Raj Bhavan Durbar Hall-ah sawrkar hnathawk ṭhate chawi-mawina sang – Governor’s Gold leh Silver Medal-te chu sem a ni a, Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati hnen aṭangin hnathawk ṭha thlanchhuah mi 11-te chuan chawimawina tangkapui leh chawimawina thuziak an dawng a, he hunah hian Home Minister Lalcham-liana leh Dr K.Beichhua, Excise Minister-te pawh an tel a ni.

Governor chuan chawi-mawi tlak te chawimawi chu khua leh tui ṭhate tihtur leh kan intihphurtawnna atana pawimawh tak a ni a ti a, Mizoram sawrkar hnathawk zingah an hnaa mi inpe leh an hnathawh ṭhat avanga chawimawi phute chu Governor’s Medal kumtin pek chhunzawm zel an nih tur thu a sawi a, kuminah Police leh Excise & Narcotics Department-a hnathawk ṭha tak tak zingah mi 11 thlanchhuah an nih thu leh sawrkar department danga hnathawk ṭhate pawhin he chawimawina hi an dawng thei tih a sawi a ni.

He huah hian Home Minister leh Excise Minister-te pawhin thu an sawi a ni.

Kumina Governor’s Gold Medals dawngtute chu – E&ND aṭangin C.Lalbiak-tluanga, Sub-Inspector, ANS, E&ND; Head Const. Lalkunga, ANS, E&ND; Const. PC Lalrinsanga, Aizawl DEF leh Const. Lalhriatpuia, Aizawl DEF-te an ni a, Governor’s Silver Medals dawngtute chu R.Lalrinsanga, Sub Inspector, ANS, E&ND; Const. PC Laldingngheta, ANS, E&ND; F.Tlanghming-thanga, Inspector (AB), 1st IR BN; Rohlupuia, Hav, 2nd BN MAP; Const. Lalringzuala Fanai, 3rd BN MAP; Const. PC Siamkima, Aizawl DEF leh Const. R.Lalrochhara, PTS, Thenzawl an ni.

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