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JERC Public Hearing nei

Nimin chawhma dar 11:30 aṭanga tlai dar 3 thleng khan Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) for Manipur & Mizoram chuan Public Hearing a nei a, he public hearing hi R.Thanga, Chairperson, JERC (M&M)-in a kaihruai a ni.

P&E Department Financial Year 2022-2023-a Electric Bill tihsan a tumna mipuite ngaihdan Commission-in ngaihthlakna hun hman a ni a, hemi hmaa Commission-in hriattirna a tihchhuah bawhzuiin, mi 10 aṭangin sawiselna dawn a ni a, heng sawiselnate hi nimin khan Aijal Club Conference Hall-ah ngaihthlak a ni a, E-in-C, P&E Department chuan an sawiselna hrang hrangte chu a chhang nghal bawk a ni.

P&E Department in Electric Bill tihsan a tum dan hi Commission chuan ngun takin mipuite ngaihdan la chungin a la tichhuak dawn a ni, he electric hman man thar tur hi ni 1.4.2022 aṭanga hman tan tur a ni ang.

Nimin Public Hearing neihah hian political party leh pawl hrang hrang aiawhte pawh an kal kim hle a ni.

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