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Assembly Golden Jubilee exhibition hawng

Mizoram Legislative Assembly Golden Jubilee (1972-2022) lawmna kal zelah nimin khan Deputy Speaker Er. Lalrinawma chuan Assembly Annexe building-ah District Council hunlai aṭanga tun thlenga Assembly kaihhnawih thlalak hlui leh thildang chi hrang hrang phochhuahna ‘Golden Jubilee Exhibition’ a hawng a, he Exhibition hi Zirtawpni thleng khiah a duh apiangte tan tlawh theiha hawn a ni dawn a ni.

Mizoram Legislative Assembly chuan May ni 10, 2022 khian a kum 50-na ‘Golden Jubilee’ a tling dawn ta a. Speaker Lalrinliana Sailo kaihhruaina hnuaiah a lawmna pui ber chu May ni 10-ah neih a ni ang a, hemi ni hian Golden Jubilee pualin Assembly Special Session neih a ni ang. Golden Jubilee lawmnaah hian Lok Sabha Speaker OM Birla chu khuallian a ni ang a, Session-ah thu a sawi ang.

Kum 1952-ah Assam state hnuaiah Lushai Hills District a lo piang a, a hnuah Mizo District Council tiin a hming thlak a ni a, Union Territory a nih thlengin District Council term 4 a awm hman a, kum 1972-ah Mizoram chu UT-ah hlan kai a ni a, Assembly Session hmasa ber chu May 10, 1972-ah neih a ni. MLA thlan 30 leh nominated 3 awmin, UT nih chhung hian inthlanpui ṭum 4 neih hman a ni a, kum 1987 February 20 aṭangin Mizoram chu State puitling a lo ni ta a ni.

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