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MADC inthlan tluang takin nei

Nimin khan Mara Autonomous District Council inthlanna chu tluang taka neih niin, he thu buatsaih lai thleng hian hriat theih chinah vote zaa 81.74 a tla.

MADC MDC thlanna tura vote thlak hi nimin zing dar 7 aṭang khan tluang taka neih a ni a, vote hi a tla ṭha thawkhat hle a, chawhnu dar 1 thleng khan vote zaa 50 aia tam a tla tawh a, he thu buatsaih lai hian polling station ṭhenkhat aṭangin report hmuhkim theih a la nih loh avangin vote tla zat tak hi a la hriat theih loh a, inthlan vote thlakah hian harsatna lian tham thleng a awm lova, Maisa polling station-a EVM erawh chu a ṭhat loh avangin thlak a ni.

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