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SEDP pilot project hnuaia Ar vulhtu thlangte hnenah Ar note sem

Serchhip District AH & Vety Department chuan Inrinni khan Serchhip District Social Economics Development Programme (SEDP) Pilot Project hnuaia Ar note, Rainbow Rooster Trade thlang mi 7-te hnenah Ar note an sem.

Ar note semchhuahna hun hi DVO Office-ah leh Thenzawla Vety Dispensary-ahte neih a ni a, heng ar note semchhuahte hi SEDP 2nd Instalment hnuai-ah niin Ar note 100 ṭheuh pek an ni a, ar note bakah hian ar chaw kg 3 ṭheuh pek chhuah tel a ni bawk.

SEDP pilot project hnuaiah hian Serchhipa chhungkaw 29 te thlan chhuah niin, chhungkaw 22-in broiler trade thlangin, chhungkaw 7-in Rainbow Roster vullh an thlang a ni.

SEDP hnuaia ṭanpuina dawngtu chhungkaw 29 te hian SEDP 2nd Installment sum an dawn tur aiah AH & Vety Department Serchhip kaltlang hian ar note (Rainbow Booster) leh a chaw an dawng zawk a ni.

AH&Vety Department hnuaiah SEDP atana ar vulh thlangtu te tan hian 1st leh 2nd instalment sem chhuah tawh niin, Broiler ar vulh thlangtute hnenah 1st instalment ₹64,000/- ṭheuh pek chhuah tawh a ni a, 2nd instalment ah ₹42,300/- pek chhuah a lo nih tawh bakah 3rd instalment-ah ₹21,150/- ṭheuh pek leh tur a ni ang.

Hetihlai hian Rainbow rooster Trade thlangtute hnenah hian 1st instalment ah ₹47,000/-, 2nd instalment-ah ₹50,800/- pek chhuah tawh niin, 3rd instalment atan ₹25,400/- pek chhuah leh tur a ni ang.

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