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Ram pumah Single Use Plastic hman khap a ni ta

Nimin atang khan rampumah hman khat daih sarang (Single Use plastic) khap a ni.

Ramchhungah hmankhat daih plastic-te hi siamchhuah, lakluh, chhêkkhawl, sem darh, zawrh leh hman khap a ni a. Khap zingah hian beng hawlh faina earbuds plastic fawng nei te, balloon hampuar dahna plastic tiangte, plastic aṭanga siam flag, candy sticks, ice-cream stick, hmun cheimawina polystyrene (thermocol), Plate & tray (thleng), Cup & glass (no), Spoon (thirfian), Fork (thirkut), Knive (chemte), Straw (thil inna/hipna), Wrapping/packing film around sweet box (thil funna), Invitation card, Cigarette packet, Plastic/PVC banner (micron 100 aia pan) leh Stirrer (thil chawhna)-te a tel a ni.

Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change chuan dan bawhchhiate man chhuak turin rampum huap leh state levelah control room siam a ni dawn tih thuchhuah siamin a tarlang a ni.

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