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Minister pathum te hna chanpual sum mamawh sawiho

Mizoram News

Assembly Budget Session neih mekah nimin khan Minister 3 Pu PC Lalthanliana, Pu Lalsawta leh Pu Lalrinliana Sailo te hnachanpual-a sum mamawh te sawiho a ni.

Pu PC Lal Thanliana’n a Department chan pahnih – LAD sum mamawh cheng nuai 6741.47, leh Social Welfare Department sum mamawh cheng nuai 3216.11 a pharh a, an sum mamawh zat hi a vaiin cheng nuai 9957.58 a ni a,

Pu Lalsawta’n Law & Judicial sum mamawh, cheng nuai 1738.91, Parliament Affairs sum mamawh cheng nuai 52.7, School Education sum mamawh cheng Nuai 58007.6 bakah Higher & Technical Education sum mamawh cheng nuai 10711.19 a pharh bawk a, a Department chan zawng zanwg sum mamawh zat hi cheng nuai 70510.4 a tling a ni.

Pu Lalrinliana Sailo chuan Medical & Public Health Services sum mamawh cheng nuai 16793.36 a pharh a, hei bakah hian Labour & Employment sum mamawh cheng nuai 810.04 leh Trade & Commerce sum mamawh cheng nuai 472.75 a pharh a, a department chan pathuma sum mamawh belhkhawm hi cheng
Nuai 18096.15 a ni.

Minister 3 te hna chanpual-a sum mamawh te hi sawiho niin, nizan khan a vaia pass tum a ni.

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