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Private School aṭanga pass percentage sang zawk

Kum 2013 HSLC result tunhnaia Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE) in a tihchhuah-ah Sawrkar School aṭanga exam 4210 zinga 2734 te an passed a, pass percentage chu 64.94 a tling. Hetihlai hian Private School (Deficit, Aided, Lumpsum school tello in)-aṭanga exam 4599 zinga 3539 an pass a, pass percentage chu 76.95 a tling phak thung.

Sawrkar School aṭanga exam beitu zirlai 4210 zinga pass 2734 aṭang hian Distinction a pass 34, 1st Division 279, 2nd Division 874 leh 3rd Division a pass 1547 an awm a, Private school zirlai exam beitu 4599 aṭanga pass 3539 aṭang hian Distinction a pass 173 an awm a, 1st Division a pass 822 awmin, 2nd Division a pass 1255 leh 3rd Division a pass 1289 an awm a ni.

School hrang hrang zing-ah Deficit School (Kohhran enkawl) te chu result nei ṭha ber an ni a, Deficit school aṭang hian zirlai exam 858 awmin, 811 in an pass a pass percentage chu 94.52 a tling phak. Aided School te pass percentage chu 64.82 niin, Lumpsum School te pass percentage pawh 65.97 a tling a, hetihlai hian Private Candidate 4206 te pass percentage chu 21.52 chauh a tling phak thung.

Regular Candidate zingah hian Aizawl District-ah exam beitu an tamber a, zirlai 5236 te pass percentage chu 80.81 a tling phak a, hetihlai hian Mamit District chu exam beitu tlemna ber niin, exam 378 te pass percentage chu 49.47 chauh a ni.

Champhai district-ah zirlai exam beitu 1172 te pass percentage chu 68.77 niin, Kolasib district-ah exam beitu 550 te pass percentage chu 74.55 a ni a, Lawngtlai district a exam 1150 te pass percentage pawh 49.48 a ni. Lunglei district-ah exam beitu 1789 awmin, pass percentage chu 74.34 a tling phak a, Saiha district a exam 946 te pass percentage chu 52.33 a ni a, Serchhip district chhunga zirlai exam beitu 717 te pass percentage pawh 74.34 a tling phak bawk.

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