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Judicial Inquiry din phut thu sawi leh

Laipuitlang PWD Building building chhawng 3 chim vanga chhiatna thleng chungchang chhui turin Judicial Inquiry din an phut tih MNF Party chuan a sawi leh.

Nimin khan MNF Publicity Board in Aizawl Press Club-a chanchinthar thehdarhtute an kawmna-ah he thu hi sawiin, an hlauhthawn lawk ang ngeiin sawrkarin a din Magisterial Inquiry Report chuan chhiat tawhna a mawhphurtu lian ber ber Political Leader-te a hlahthlem a ni an ti a, Publicity Board member Pu Biakthansanga chuan Magisterial Inquiry din a nih dan-ah thil fel hlel awm nia alan thu sawiin, he Inquiry ti tura ruat Aizawl DC Dr.Franklin Laltinkhuma chu chhiat tawhna a mawhphur ve thei dinhmuna ding ve, District Disaster Management Committee Chairman a nihna angin chhui ve theih a ni a. Hetianga Inquiry ti tura ruat a ni chu Sawrkarin he thilthleng a ngaihzam zia tilangtu a ni a ti.

MNF Party chuan he chhiatna thlen danah tumah thlei bik nei lova chhui ngam tur Judicial Inquiry hmanga chhui that tir an phut nawn tih a sawi.

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