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MP-ah mi 4; MLA-ah mi 2

Thla thar ni 9-a Lok Sabha Inthlanna lo awm tura Mizoram seat khat chuh turin candidate 4-in hming an pelut a, Hrangturzo Assembly bial by-election atan mi 2-in hming an pe lut thung.

Pic: Zalen

Pic: Zalen

Inrinni kha Mizorama Lok Sabha seat khat inthlanna leh Hrangturzo assembly bial by-election atana hming pe kluh ni hnuhnung ber a ni a. Lok Sabha inthlan atana Return ing Officer Pi Juhi Mukherjee chuan Inrinnia chuh tum hming pelut 2 nen chuh tura hming pelut 4 an awm tak thu a sawi a. Inrinnia hming pelutte hi eptu party 8 ṭangrual United Democratic Front (UDF) invuahte vawrh chhuah independent candidate Pu Robert Romawia Royte leh Independent candidate dang Pu Vanlalngaia, Kulikawn te an ni a; a hma lam hian Aam Aadmi Party candidate Pu M.Lalmanzuala leh rorellai Congress candidate Pu CL Ruala te chuan an hming an lo pe lut tawh a ni.

Hrangturzo bial by-election-a chuh tur hian Inrinni khan UDF te candidate inṭawm Pu H.Lalduhawma chuan a nomination a thehlut a. A hma hian Congress candidate Nula Vanlalawmpuii Chawngthu in a lo thehlut tawh bawk a, he bial by-election chuh tura hming pelut hi 2 an ni ta a ni. Lok Sabha inthlan leh Hrangturzo bial by-election atana hming pelutte nomination hi vawiin hian endik a ni ang.

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