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Windows Phone-ah WhatsApp Voice Call

WhatsApp chuan Android, BlackBerry leh iOS-ah te Voice Calling feature an dah belh hnu-ah Windows Phone hmangtute tan Voice Calling feature (voice over Internet protocol) an dah thar ve leh.WhatsApp hian Thawhlehni khan Windows Phone app chu an update a, update app (version hian Audio files inthawn theihna pawh an dah thar bawk a, Audio files inthawnna hi Windows 8.1 leh a chung lam
hmangtute tan chuan hman theihin a awmsa tawh a ni.

Voice Calling features-ah hian leh emergency number dang biak theihloha awm ṭhin pawh biak theihin an dah tawh bawk a ni.

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