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SWD-in sawifiah

Social Welfare Depart-ment chuan Vanglaini chan-chinbu ni 2.02.2016 chhuak a, Abbreviated Quotation notice Pi B. Sairengpuii, Commis-sioner for Persons with Disabilities a a thawh tawh lo hnu a, a hming a lo chhuak chungchanga thil awm dan sawifiahna an siam.
Pi B. Sairengpuii, Commissioner for PwD-a a thawhna pawhseina sutna order chu 22.1.2016-ah sawrkar-in a ti chhuak a. Hemi order chhuah hma ni 18.1.2016 khan Pi B. Sairengpuii hian quotation notice hi sign-in, I & PR Department ah Chanchinbu a chhuah turin a office atangin pek a ni a, Head of Department a nihnaa chhuah thei a nih angin a lo chhuah a, Social Welfare Department chuan chanchinbu a a lo chhuah hian a hre ve chauh a ni a, He Abbreviated Quotation Notice hi cancel tura hmalak mek a ni, an ti.

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