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Khawlailung Solid Waste Burial Ground

Serchhip District-a a hmasa ber ni turin MP Model Village, Khawlailung-ah bawlhhlawh phumbona tur Solid Waste Burial Ground chu siam zawh a ni ta.

He Bawlhhlawh phumbona hi PHE Department-in Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) hnuaia Solid Liquid Waste Management (SLWM) Components leh NRDWP atanga an siam niin, he bawlhhlawh phumbona hi Khawlailung khaw mipui pun dan mila chhut chuan kum 8 – 10 chhung vel an chhawr tangkai thei tura ngaih a ni.

Hetiang bawlhhlawh phumbona hmun hi SBM(G) hnuaiah Serchhip District chhung khaw hrang hrangah siam chhoh zel tum a ni.


Khawlailung Solid Waste Burial Ground

Khawlailung Solid Waste Burial Ground (Pic Samuel LR Ralte)

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