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Certificate nei lovin tui in chi hralh tih hmuchhuak

Rio Packaged Drinking Water chuan Certificate nei lovin tui in chi a hralh tih hmuhchhuah a ni.

Commisioner of Food Safety Health & Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Mizoram chuan thuchhuah siamin, tunlaia Mizorama tui in tur siam chhuah pakhat, RIO Packaged Drinking Water chu Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) Certificate nei lova siam a ni tih hriat a ni a, chuvangin mipuite hriselna lam a kan lo him zawk theih nan tiin Food Safety Authority of Mizoram chuan RIO Packaged Drinking Water siamchhuaktu, Fiara Tui, Industrial Growth Center, Luangmual chu thla khat chhung ngeia BIS certificate la turin a ti a, hemi hun chhung hian RIO Packaged Drinking Water pawh siam chhuak rih lo tur leh an siam tawh leh pek chhuah tawh sa te pawh lakir leh vek turin a hriattir.

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