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EFL Third Round Draw

Nimin zing khan Beijing-ah English Football League Cup Third Round draw neih a ni a, Champion lai Manchester United chuan an Old Trafford-ah Championship Club Burton Albion an mikhual dawn a, Premier League Champions Chelsea chuan Nottingham Forest an mikhual dawn bawk a ni.

Third Round hi September ni 18 kâr chho a khelh tura ruahman a ni a, Premier League Club intum tur zingah Liverpool chu Leicester City khel tura an zin chhuah a ngai dawn bawk a ni.

Third round draw:
West Brom v Manchester City
Everton v Sunderland
Leicester v Liverpool
Man. United v Burton Albion
Brentford v Norwich City
Wolverhampton v Bristol Rovers
Burnley v Leeds
Arsenal v Doncaster Rovers
Bristol City v Stoke City
Reading v Swansea City
Aston Villa v Middlesbrough
Chelsea v Nottingham Forest
West Ham v Bolton Wanderers
Crystal Palace v Huddersfield Town
Tottenham v Barnsley /Derby County
Bournemouth v Brighton & Hove

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