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McGregor ka hlat dawn lo:Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather chuan August ni 26-a Las Vegas-a a hmachhawn tur Conor McGregor nen an inbeih hunah a awmhlat dawn lo tih a sawi.

Kum 40 mi, Mayweather hian Professional bout 49 a hmachhawnah hnehna a chang vek a, mahse kum 2015 September hnu khan Boxing ring chhungah a la lut leh lova, Irishman McGregor hmachhawn tur hian a chawlh hnuah a rawn kir leh a, hetihlai hian a hmachhawn tur Martial art fighter kum 29 mi, McGregor hi professional boxing ring chhunga la inbei miah lo a ni.

Mayweather chuan, “Ani chuan rang taka inbeihna tihtawp dan tur a thlir a, kei pawhin rang taka inbeihna titawp dan tur ka thlir bawk a, a inkar a hla dawn lo hle a ni,” tiin a sawi.

A inhnek hnuhnung bera Andre Berto point hmanga hnehtu, Mayweather chuan McGregor laka a ‘homework’ chu a ti dawn tih a sawi bawk.

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