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District Level Consultation Meeting on FOCUS neih a ni

Nimin khan Serchhip DC Chamber-ah District Level Consultation Meeting on FOCUS chu District Bawrhsap hovin neih a ni.

Meetingah hian International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Supervision Mission Team member Dr V.P Singh (Jhum Management Expert) leh Mr VK Garg (Pro Expert) te bakah Mizoram sawrkar hnuai a Implementing Department Agencies hrang hrang – AH & Veterinary, DRDA, Soil & Water Conservation leh BDO Office aiawhte telin, FOCUS hnuaia thawhho dan tur chungc-hangte an sawiho a, FOCUS Serchhip District Management Unit hmalakna hrang hrang leh hmachhawp mekte thlirho a ni bawk.

IFAD aṭanga Supervison Mission Team-te hian tunkar chhung hian Serchhip District chhung khaw hrang hranga Serchhip District FOCUS Management Unit -te hna-thawh dan leh hmalakna te an tlawh kual dawn a ni.

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