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MDC by-election atanga thlan tlin M.Laikaw lalût

Tokalo MDC bial by-election aṭanga thlan tlin, M.Laikaw chu nimin chawhma dar 11 khan MADC Forest Dept Hall-ah, District Council Court President & Recorder, Pachi Hlychho-in rinawmna thutiam tirin a la lut.

October ni 30 khan inthlan hi neih niin, November ni 1 khan vote chhiar a ni a, BJP Candidate M.Laikaw chuan a khingpui, Chotha Hlychho, MNF party candidate chu vote 155 a hnehin, Returning Officer Bhupesh Chaudhary chuan tlingah a puang ta a ni.

He Tokalo MDC by-Election hi KL Bana thih tak avanga, a hmunawl luahtu tur thlanna a ni.

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