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Sawrkar hmalakna hrang hrang endik

Mizoram Legislative Assembly hnuaia Financial Committee pakhat – Public Accounts Committee chuan Thawhṭanni khan C&AG Report of India 2015-2016 behchhanin Agriculture Department hnuaia Bamboo Plantation-a sawrkar hmalakna hrang hrang endikin Seling, Thingsul Tlangnuam leh Sesawng khuate an tlawh.

Public Accounts Committee vek hian nimin khan C&AG Report of India 2014-2015 a Environment, Forests and Climate Change Department hmalakna hrang hrang bakah Slaughter House, Mualpui leh Zoram Medical College (Falkawn) a Incinerator te an endik a, hemi hnu hian C&AG Report of India 2015-2016-a tarlan Agriculture Department hnuaia hmalakna ṭhenkhat Aloe Vera, Passion Fruit Plantation Saikhamakawn, Melriat, Melthum a mite endikin an kal leh bawk.

Public Accounts Committee-te hi an Chairman Vanlalhlana bakah Ramthanmawia, Lalrinsanga Ralte leh Dr. Vanlalṭanpuia te an ni a, AH & Vety Department, Pollution Control Board leh Forest Department-te bakah Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat-a official-ten an ṭawiawm a ni.

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