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RD Minister-in sawrkar laipui a dawr; MGNREGS hlawh release thuai turin a ngên

Rural Development Minister Lalruatkima chuan nimin khan sawrkar laipuia a department enkawl kaihhnawih Ministry-a mi pawimawh hrang hrangte New Delhi-a an office-ah hmu in, Mizoram Sawrkar hnuaia mamawh hrang hrangte a thlen a, Lalruatkima hi Lalrinsanga Ralte, MLA & Vice Chairman, Rubber & Allied Sector Development Board-in a ṭawiawm a ni.

Lalruatkima hian Ajay Tirkey, Secretary, Department of Land Resources (DoLR) chu a office chamber-ah hmuin, Mizoramah PMKSY-WDC phase-I a tawp tak avanga a chhunzawmna tur PMKSY- WDC 2.0 projects atan a rang thei ang bera fund release turin a dil a, DoLR Secretary chuan Minister hnenah a rang thei ang bera PMKSY kalpui a nih thuai tur thu leh Mizoram tan fund pawh a rang lama an rawn release tur thu a lo hrilh a ni. Minister hian DoLR Secretary hnenah hian Mizorama Land Revenue & Settlement Department hnuaia hmalakna hrang hrang leh mamawhte a thlen nghal a, DoLR Secretary chuan Mizoram mamawh hrang hrangte chu an lo enzui tur thu leh hma an lo lak zui nghal tur thu Minister hi a lo hrilh a ni

Minister hian Pu Rohit Kumar, IAS, Joint Secretary, MoRD, Government of India-a MGNREGS changtu chu a hmu nghal bawk a. Mizorama MGNREGS hnuaia thingtlang mipui Job Card holders ten an inhlawhna 2021 September thla aṭanga an la dawn loh chungchang leh thingtlang mipuite harsat tawh mek chu a thlen a. Central Sawrkar chu a rang lama thingtlang mipuite inhlawhna release sak thuai turin a ngen nghal bawk a, Rohit Kumar, IAS chuan mipuite inhlawhna wage component chu an rawn sanction thuai tur thu leh Job Card holders-te account-ah an rawn thunsak tur thu Minister hi a lo hrilh a ni.

Minister hian Dr. Biswajit Banerjee, Joint Secretary, Government of India-a SPMRM (Rurban) changtu chu a office chamber-ah a hmu bawk a. Mizoram mamawh hrang hrangte a thlen a. A bik takin SPMRM (Rurban) hnuaia Cluster 4 awm meka hmalakna leh hmasawnnate a sawipui a. A bik takin Mizoram tan SPMRM Rurban Cluster tam thei ang ber pek belh turin a dil a. Dr. Biswajit chuan Minister dilna leh thuthlente chu an lo ngaih pawimawh tur thu leh hma an lo lak zui tur thu a lo hrilh bawk a ni.

Rural Development Department, Government of Mizoram chuan thuchhuah siamin MGNREGS hnuaia mipui inhlawhna tur sum (Wage Component fund) bik hi Direct Benefit Transfer-in Ministry of RD, Government of India atangin MGNREGS hnuaia inhlawh, mipuite hnenah pek thin a nih thu an tarlang a. MoRD, Government of India-in Labour Budget a rawn approve sak angin, inhlawhna hi kalpui a nih thu leh, thingtlang mipuite inhlawhna pawh Mizoram Sawrkar RD Department chuan Fund Transfer Order (FTO) hmangin MIS-ah an siam sak nghal zel a nih thu tarlangin, hemi mil hian MoRD, Government of India in fund a rawn sanction thin a. Mipuite inhlawhna Wage Component bik hi Mizoram Sawrkar-in a tih tan sak ngai loh thu leh Central sawrkarin an rawn sanction rualin mipuite account-ah direct-in a thun sak nghal zel zawk a nih thu an tarlang a. Tunah pawh hian Lalruatkima, RD Ministerin chak taka hma a lakna zarah Central Sawrkar-in MGNREGS hnuaia mipuite inhlawhna hi an rawn release leh thuai dawn tih sawiin, thingtlang mipuite lo chiai lo turin RD Department chuan mipuite a ngen nghal bawk a ni.

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