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Gas man thar

IOCL-in revised Retail Selling Price a tihchhuah angin, Mizoram chhungah LPG 14.2 KG (Domestic) leh LPG 19 KG (Commercial) rate chu bithliah thar a ni a, FCS&CA chuan order tichhuakin he rate thar hi May ni 19, 2022 aṭanga hman ṭan a ni a, rate tharah chuan Mizoram pumpuiah (Vairengte tih loh)-ah 14.2 Kg. domestic chu ₹1155.00 niin, 19 Kg Commercial chu ₹2757.00 a ni a, Vairengteah chuan 14.2 Kg chu ₹1146.00 niin, 19 Kg Commercial hi ₹2736.00 a ni. 14.2 Kg hi home delivery-a hralh a nih chuan ₹70.00 belh zel tur a ni a, Showroom/godown-a hralh erawh chuan ₹27.60 zel paih thung tur a ni a, Delivery Point ruatahte semchhuah a nih chuan rate tarlan aṭangin ₹7.53 belh tur a ni.

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