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Lengpui Airport runway siamthat hna zofel

Lengpui Airport-a thlawhtheihna tlan kawng (runway)-a khawk leh pawr a awm avanga nimin leh niminpiaha Lengpui Airport khar chu runway siamṭhat hna zawh tawh a nih avangin vawiin aṭangin thlawh-theihna ṭumin a thlawk chhuak leh tawh dawn.

Civil Aviation Principal Consultant Wing Commander J.Lalhmingliana sawi danin thlawhtheihna tlan kawng mâm lo hi PWD-in ngawrh takin an siam a, siamṭhat a nih bakah hian a ṭul angin an vil reng rih dawn a ni.

Lengpui Airport-ah hian nitin thlawhtheihna 7/8 vel ṭum a, thlawk chhuak reng ang a ni a, Pathianni-ah thlawhna ṭum leh thlawk chhuak a awm lova, chawlhkar khatah thlawhna lo ṭum hi 35 emaw 36 vel a ni a, thlawhna hmanga Lengpuia rawn ṭum hi nitin mi 760 vel an ni a, thlawk chhuak hi mi 880 vel an ni.

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