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State Level NSS Advisory Committee thukhawm

Nimin khan State Level National Service Scheme (NSS) Advisory Committee Meeting vawi 18-na chu Sports & Youth Services Minister Robert Romawia Royte hovin a office chamber-ah neih a ni.

Meeting-ah hian kum 2021-2022 chhunga NSS, Mizoram hna thawhte ngaihthlak niin, Voluntary Blood donation camp 72 buatsaihah thisen unit 3215 pek a nih thu te, thing ṭiak 2540 phun thar thu te, vantlang zun in 25 , public water point 11, public waiting shed 9, vantlang ṭhutthleng 5 siam a nih thu te leh faina hnatlang neih ṭhin a nih thute ngaihthlak niin, sawrkar laipuiin programme a rawn duan 16 tihhlawhtlin a nih thute a tarlang bawk.

Kum 2022-2023 chhunga NSS unit hrang hrangte tan hmalakna tur (Action plan) hrang hrangte sawiho niin, pawm a ni a, kum 2022-2023 chhunga NSS thupui (theme) atan “Water Conservation” chu thlan an ni a, NSS Programme Officer leh Volunteer pakhat ve ve tan State NSS Award pek tura remtih a ni bawk.

Meeting hian kum 2022-2023 aṭangin zirna in 7-ah NSS Unit thar din an remti a, heti hian Mizoram chhunga zirna in 99-ah NSS Unit 301 an awm tawh ang a, Volunteers 30100 (College/University – 10400, Hr. Sec. School/Technical Instn – 19700) an awm tawh dawn a ni.

NSS Unit 1 ah hian volunteers 100 zel awmin Unit tin hi programme Officer 1 in a vil ṭhin a, Mizoram tan hian sawrkar laipui chuan Unit 301 (volunteers 30100) din a phalsak a ni.

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