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Sawrkarin DDMA a dinthar

Mizoram sawrkar chuan district tin-a District Disaster Management Authority a lo ruat tawh chu tlem tidanglamin a ruat thar.

Mizoram sawrkarin DDMA a dintharah chuan Chairperson atan Deputy Commissioner chu Ex-Officio niin dah a ni a, Co-Chairperson atan Project Director, DRDA leh Autonomous District Council huam chhungahte chuan Chief Eexecutive Member-te chu Co-Chairperson an ni dawn a. Member-ah hian Superintendent of Police (Ex-officio), Chief Medical Officer (Ex-officio), Joint Municipal Commissioner/CEO of Municipal Corporation/Council leh PWD, PHE leh P&E-a Senior Most SE emaw EE awm rengchang zawk a piang an ni.

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