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Election dân thar siam chungchangah Joint
CEO-hovin Political party aiawhte inhmuhkhawm

Election Commission of India-in thupek a chhuah bawhzuiin, nimin khan Joint Chief Electoral Officer David L.Pachuau kaihhruaiin Special Summary Revision 2023 chungchangah Political Party aiawh hrang hrang te inhmuhkhawmna hun neih a ni.

Joint CEO chuan a pisa-a inhmuhkhawmnaah hian sawrkar laipui chuan Registration of Electors (Amendment) Rules, 2022 ti chhuakin, he dan siamṭhat a nih avangin voter inziah luhna atana form hman ṭhin, registration forms te thlak danglam a ni tih a sawi a, Sec 23 of Representation of the People Act 1950 siamthat hmangin Electoral Roll-a chuangte leh lut thar tur te chuan Aadhaar details an submit thei dawn a, Aadhaar number hi March ni 31 March 2023 hmain khawn zawh vek tur a ni a ti a. Aadhaar thehluh nan form thar, Form 6B hman tur tih sawiin, ECI chuan Aadhaar thehluh hi mimal duhthlannaah a innghat a ni tih sawiin, tihluihna a awmlo a ni, a ti a. Aadhaar thehlut tur tan online hmangin,, voter helpline app hmangten a thehluh theih bakah BLO kaltlangin a thehluh theih bawk tih a tarlang a, Aadhaar neilo tan documents dang 11 lai ECI guidelines angin thehluh theih document a awm thu a tarlang bawk.

He hun a political party leh mipui te hriattur pawimawh engemawzat tarlan a ni a, Electoral Roll a inziak lut thar tur leh constituency pakhat aṭanga constituency danga in sawn tur te tana Form 6 hman ṭhin kha, tun aṭang chuan roll a inziak lut thar tur tan chauh hman a ni tawh dawn a, Electoral Roll a chuang tawhte hming paihna atan chauh hman ṭhin Form 7 pawh form tharah chuan roll-a chuang tawhte hming paih nan leh chuang tura rawt (dilna kal mek) te pawh hemi form hmang hian Deletion dil theih a ni a, form tharah hian mitthi tawh Electoral Roll aṭanga paih tur te tan Death Certificate thil tel a ngai bawk a ni.

Electoral roll-a an details – hming, address, etc siamṭhat dilna atana hman ṭhin Form 8 pawh Form tharah chuan Assembly Constituency pakhat atanga Constituency danga insawn dil nan te, Constituency hnuaia Part pakhat aṭanga Part danga insawn dil nan te, Roll-a details diklo siamṭhat nan te, Epic tibote tan EPIC thar dil nan te leh Electoral roll-a rualban lo (PwD) chhinchhiah nante hman theih a ni dawn a ni.

Dan siamṭhat a nih avangin, tun hmaa Electoral Roll-a inziaklut turte tan qualifying date pakhat chauh (1st January) awm ṭhin chu tih danglam a ni a, tun aṭang chuan Qualifying date pali (4) – 1st Jan, 1st April, 1st July & 1st October-te a awm tawh dawn a, amaherawhchu, Annual Summary Revision neih ṭhin chu 1st January chauh qualifying date-a hmangin neih chhunzawm tur a ni dawn a, a kum leha kum tling thar tur (1st January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October) zawng zawngten advance-in Electoral Roll-a luh dilna an thehlut thei dawn a, amaherawhchu, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October a kum tling turte chu heng quarter khata thla hmasa berahte hian an dilna te hi process a ni chauh dawn a ni.

Recognized Political party-ten BLO puibawm turin Polling station pakhat atan Booth Level Agent pakhat an ruat thei a, State level-ah party President emaw Secretary in Form ID:BLA 1 hmangin BLA ruat chhawng tu tur District Representative a ruat thei a. Chung district representative te chuan Form ID:BLA2 hmangin polling station pakhat atan BLA pakhat zel an ruat thei a ni. BLA te hi ruat an nihna polling station a vote nei ngei an ni tur a ni. Special Summary Revision chhunga BLO hnena dilna lut te hi an lo finfiah pui ve thin tur a ni a, amaherawhchu roll a luh dilna form hi an dawng thiang lo a ni. BLA vawi khat ruat tawh chu Party lamin an thlak hma chuan BLA atan an tang chhunzawm zel thei a ni.

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