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Khaw dang atanga Vawk lakluh khap

Lalmuansanga Ralte, Addl. District Magistrate, Serchhip chuan Bawktlangah vawk pul hri, African Swine Fever (ASF) chu Serchhip District chhung Bawktlang khuaah a leng mek tih sawiin, June ni 3, 2022 khan thupek tichhuakin, Serchhip Distric chhungah Sate dang leh ram dang, District dang aṭanga vawk, vawksa leh vawk aṭanga thil siam lakluh leh thawn chhuah khap a ni tih a tarlang a, District chhung khua leh khuate pawh vawk inlak pawlh loh tur tih a tarlang a, vawk dam lo talh leh hralh khapin, vawk dam lo chu dan hran a, vawk thi reng reng phum bo tur a ni tih a tarlang.

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