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AR Sector Commanders’ Conference Aizawl-ah

India News

Headquarters Inspector General Assam Rifles (East) Sector Commanders’ Conference chu Aizawl-a awm HQ 23 Sector Assam Rilfes in an thleng a, Conference hian nimin leh vawiin a awh ang.

Conference hi Major Gen. Satish Dua, Sena Medal, Inspector General Assam Rifles (East) in a ho a, Brig. Gajinder Singh, DIG, 22 Sector Assam Rifles; Brig. VK Mishra, DIG 21 Sector Assam Rifles leh Brig. GAV Reddy, Shaurya Chakra, DIG 23 Sector Assam Rifles te an tel a. Conference-a hian Maj. Gen. Dua leh a hote hian Mizoram, Tripura leh Assam chhim lam venhima an thlirho a, thil pawimawh engemaw zat an sawiho bawk a ni.

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