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MDC By-Election neih tur atan Candidate puang

Lawngtlai District chhunga MDC Constituency Pahniha By-Election neihna turah Congress leh MNF Party chuan nimin khan an Candidate turte an puang.

Lawngtlai District Congress Committee chuan an Candidate turte puangin, Lawngtlai Bazara ding turin Pu C.Sangchhunga, Lawngtlai Bazar leh Tuithumhnar Biala ding turin Pu Malsawmdawngliana, Kawnpui te an ni.

MNF ticketin, Lawngtlai Bazar ah Pu Glory Lalropuia Chinzah, Lawngtlai Bazar ami leh Tuithumhnar Bialah Pu H.Sangkunga, Tuithumhnar te an ding bawk ang. MDC Constituency pahnih Pu.C.Ngunlianchungan a chhuahsan tak Lawngtlai Bazar leh Pu JH.Lallianngura, nikuma thi hmun ruak Tuithumhnar inchuh tura By-Election hi June ni 4 khian neih a ni dawn a ni.

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