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Seminar on ISO 9000 Quality Management System hawng

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Nimin khan Pu H.Rohluna, Industries Minister chuan State Food Processing Mission and Industries Department tangkawp buatsaih Seminar on ISO 9000 Quality Management System I&PR Conference Hall-a neih chu a hawng.

Minister chuan kan ram leilung leh boruakte hi thlai thar nan a tha em em a, kan thlai tharte pawh nitinin a pung mek a, a vawn ṭhat leh sawngbawlna lamah hma kan la sawn tawk loh avangin nasa takin a riral mek a ni. Chuvangin Food Processing lama eizawngtute hian kan thlai tharte man man zawka kan hralh theih dan tur kan ngaihtuah a ngai a ni a ti a, Food Processing – a pawimawh berte zinga pakhat chu Certification hi a ni a, kan eitur siamte hi Food Safety Standard-in a sawi anga siamchhuah a niin Certification a nei em tih hi a ni” a ti. Mizote hian kan thlai tharte hi ei mai theih (ready to eat), intur theitui sawr (beverages), vawnthat (processed and frozen) ah te siamchhuakin ram hrang hranga hralh chhuah theih turin kan siam thei a, heng processed foods te hi International Standard of Food Safety leh quality pha turin thianghlim leh tha takin kan sawngbawl theih nan Minister chuan kalkhawmte chu tan la turin a chah bawk.

Seminar-ah hian Pu Joseph Lalhimpuia, Parliamentary Secretary chu khual zahawm a ni a, chawhnu lamah Pu Lalsawma, Jt. Director ( F & D), Directorate of Health Services leh Pu P.S.Chakraborty, Addl. Director, Ministry of Communication and I.T., Government of India – ten zirtirna an pe a ni.

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