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ZNP-in a tawp thlengin Selam thlawp tum

ZNP chuan Selam khaw mipuite chu a tawp thlengin an thlawp tlat dawn tih an sawi.

An Party Sr. Vice President Pu R. Lalawia chuan nimin khan an party office-ah thusawiin, Mizoram sawrkarin Selam khaw mipuite a bei chiam a, Khawtlang hruaitute chu misual buru ber ang maia a man leh zelte chu an dem tih a sawi a, rampuma tribal-te dikna leh chanvo humhalhna dan siam a nih lai khan amah pawh member a nih ve thu sawiin, “ram puma December 2007 a hman ṭan ‘The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006 chu Mizoram ah mumal taka hman a ni ve theilo te, tribal te dikna leh chanvo humhalh kawnga sawrkar a che theilo te chu a ṭha lo a ni a ti a, Selam chauh pawh nilo, Sanctuary-a rinluh khaw dang dangah pawh hetiang thil duhawm lo hi a thleng leh lovang tih a sawi theih lova, sawrkarin a tihtur ti hmasa lova khua leh tuite nawr beh mai mai chu nationalist thinlung puten an phal ngai dawn lo a ni,” a ti bawk

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