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Cheng nuai 15 hû Heroin man

Nizan hmasa dar 8 vel khan Champhai Khankawn Police Check Gate-ah Champhai aṭanga Aizawl kal tur Maxicab a chuang hmeichhe pakhat hnen aṭangin Police-ten Heroin Hawng 30, tualchhung hralhna rate-a cheng nuai 15 man chu an man a, Ruihhlo neitu a puh Irene Siamrimawii (29), Aizawl Vaivakawn Venga khawsa nia insawi chu manin, ND & PS Act tlawhchhan a thubuai siamsak a ni.

Heroin netu a puh Irene Siamrimawii hi Champhai Police Station-ah ND & PS Act tlawh chhan a thubuai siamsak a niin, nimin khan Champhai District Court a hruai anih hnuah District Jail-ah dahluh nghal a ni.

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