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2028 Olympic Games thleng tur Los Angeles

Los Angeles chu official-in 2028 Olympic Games thleng tura Candidate a ni tih puan a ni a, Paris chu 2024-a thleng tur an ni dawn ta a ni.

June thla khan International Olympic Committee chuan 2024 leh 2028-a Olympic thleng tur te hi vote la-in an thlang a, Paris leh Los Angeles te chiahin thlen an dil a, mahse an thlen kum tur hi tihchian nghal a ni lo thung a, an pahnih hian 2024 zawk hi thlen an duh ve ve a, BBC Sport chuan Los Angeles hian 2028-a thlen hu an remti ta niin an sawi a, IOC pawh Los Angeles chetdanah lâwmin, Organising Committee hnenah £1.4bn ($1.8bn) an pe dawn a ni.

Los Angeles hian kum 1932 leh 1984-ah te khan Olympic Games hi an lo thleng tawh a ni.

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