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Open Defecation chungchangah District Bawrhsapin hriattirna tichhuak

Serchhip District Bawrhsap Pi Sangchhin Chinzah, Serchhip District Sanitation Task Force Chairman ni bawk chuan khawlaia êk (Open Defecation) chungchangah hriattirna a chhuah.

Hriattirna a chhuahah chuan Serchhip District chhunga Urban Area (khawpui)-a Ward/VC tin leh zirna zawng zawng te, Self Help Group zawng zawngten khawlaia êk (inthiar) awm tawh lohna (Open Defecation Free) Self Declaration an siam tawh ang leh Serchhip District Sanitation Task Force-ten an pawmpui angin, Serchhip District chhunga khawpui (Urban Area) –Serchhip Town, N.Vanlaiphai leh Thenzawl te chu khawlaia inthiarna (Open Defecation) awmlohna leh mitin mahni êk in ngeia an inthiarna khawpui Open Defecation Free (ODF) atan a puang a, hemi chungchanga sawiselna (Objections) nei duh an awm a nih chuan Deputy Commissioner Office leh Sanitation Officer’s Office (DLAO Office)-ah Open Defecation Free Preliminary Declaration chhuah ni, ni 22.8.2017 aṭanga ni 15 chhungin sawiselna (Complaint) hi thehluh theih a ni tih hriattirna a chhuahah chuan a tarlang.

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