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Miss Mizoram 2020 lawmman tur tichiang ta

MJA leh Zonet Cable Network-te huaihawta Miss Mizoram 2020 thlanna neih turah lawmman tur tihchian a ni ta.

Miss Mizoram 2020 hian lawmman pawisa fai Rs,1,70,000 leh December 2019-a tlangzarh YAMAHA SCOOTER Fascino 125Fi a dawng ang a, 1st runner-up-in Rs,90,000/-, 2nd runner-up-in Rs,60,000/- bakah Sub-Title winner-in Rs,20,000/- ṭheuh, Finalist-ten Rs,10,000/- an dawn bakah hamṭhatna dang engemawzat a la awm dawn a, Miss contestant-te zinga thlan bikte chuan modelling contract an hmuh bakah Bangalore Fashion Week-ah an tel thei dawn a ni.

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