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STP-in Nebulizer pe

Nimin chawhnu dar 2 khan Serchhip Thalai Pawl chuan Serchhip District Hospital-ah damlo, a mamawhtute hman theih turin Nebulizer khawl (thaw hah chhâwkna khawl) pahnih an pe a, Nebulizer te hi District Medical Superintendent, Dr. ZD Lalmuanawma kutah an hlân a ni. Serchhip District Hospital-a an pek bakah hian Chhiahtlanga damlo, damdawi in thleng theiloten a thlawna an hman theih turin hun remchang hmasaah Chhiahtlangah Nebulizer khawl pakhat dah leh an tum bawk a ni.

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