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Central Minister leh MP-te hlawh 30%-in tihniam dawn

Central minister leh MP-te hlawh, zaa 30-a kum khat chhung tihhniamna tur Ordinance chu Union Cabinet-in vawiin khan a pawm a, Salary, Allowances & Pension of Members of Parliament Act, 1954 siamṭhat hi tun thla ni 1 atanga hman ṭan tur a ni.

Cabinet thutlukna hi thuthar lakhawmtute hnenah puangin Information & Broadcasting Minister, Prakash Javadekar chuan union minister leh MP-te hlawh chu kum khat chhung, zaa 30-a tihhniam a ni ang, a ti a. MP-ten an bial chhunga hmasawnna hna thawhna tur sum an dawn ṭhin, MPLAD fund pawh kum 2020-2021 aṭanga 2021-2022, kum hnih chhung tihtawp lailawk a nih thu pawh sawiin hemi avanga sum tlingkhawm, cheng vbch 7900 chu Covid-19 do-na Fund-ah chhun luh a ni ang, a ti.

Javadekar chuan President, Vice President leh state Governor-te pawh anmahni duhthu ngeia kum khat chhung chu an hlawh, zaa 30-a tihniam ve tura ngenin an hlawh lak loh chu Consolidated Fund of India-ah a lût ang, tih a sawi.

Vawiin vek khan Sikkim Governor, Ganga Prasad-a chuan kum khat chhung, a hlawh zaa 30-a chu Covid-19 do let nan PM Cares Fund-ah a thawh dawn tih President Ram Nath Kovind hnenah lehkha thawnin a thlen a ni.

-AIR, Aizawl

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