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Eirawngbawlna gas man bithliah thar

Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Depart-ment chuan Indian Oil Corpo-ration Ltd.-in eirawngbawlna gas man a ennawn zulzuiin July ni 1, 2020 aṭanga hman ṭan turin eirawngbawlna gas man thar a bithliah.

Vairengte-ah Domestic Cylinder (kg 14.2 ) Subsidised rate chu Rs.732/- a ni ang a, hemi rualin kg 19 a rit Commercial Cylinder man chu Rs.1427.00 a ni ang. Mizorama LPG Distributor awmna khaw dang 41-ah kg Domestic Cylinder (kg 14.2 ) Subsi-dised rate chu Rs.740 a ni ang a, Commercial Cylinder (kg 19) man chu Rs.1447.50 a ni thung ang. Home Delivery a hralh dawnin a chunga rate tarlanah hian Cyliner pakhat zelah Rs.70 belh tur a ni a, Godown a hralh dawn erawhin Cylinder khat zelah Rs.27.60 paih thung tur a ni a, point Delivery a sem chhuah a nih dawnin a chunga rate tarlan bakah Rs.7.53 belh tur a ni bawk.

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