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Media centre biak theihna tur

Naktuka Serchhip bial MLA by-election-a vote tla chhiar hunah Round-wise result hi Media Centre kaltlangin rang taka media mite hnena pek chhuah zel tur a ni a, mipuite chu media hmanraw hrang hrang hmanga vote chhiar result lo ngaihven turin ngen an ni a, phalna nei lo tan vote chhiarna hmun DC Office huam chhungah luh phal a ni dawn lo a ni.

Media Centre biak theihna number-te chu:-

  1. K. Saitluanga, MIS, DIPRO, Serchhip District.
    Nodal Officer for Media & Media Centre in-charge Officer
    Phone No. : 8730970574 (for call & whatsapp)
    : 9436780181 (for call only)
  2. R. Lalmuankimi, Superintendent, DC Office
    Phone No. : 9862540698 (for call & whatsapp)
  3. Ramfangzauva Fanai, AVPA, DIPRO, Serchhip.
    Phone No. : 9862235480 (for call & whatsapp)
  4. Media Centre Landline Number: 03838 – 226217,
    DIPRO, Serchhip Office

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