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Vanlalzawma’n bânna a thehlût

Mizo National Front (MNF) Vice President nilai Vanlalzawma chuan nimin khan a chanvo chelh mek aṭangin banna a thehlut.

Serchhip bial Assembly bye-election neih zawh taka rorellai party MNF candidate ni chunga tling zo ta lo Vanlalzawma hian party-a a mawhphurhna leh chanvo hlen chhuak lo nia an inngaih avangin, MNF President Zoramthanga hnenah Vice President a nihna aṭangin bânna a theh lut a ni.

Bânna a thehluh chhan zawhna chhangin Vanlalzawma chuan, Serchhip bial by-election-a an tlin zawh tak si loah chuan a hminga party mawhphurhna pawimawh deuh neih nen a inhmeh lo nia a hriat vang leh, election-a hnehna an chan zawh lohnaah an chak lohnaah a mawhphurtu lian bera a inngaih avanga a nihna aṭanga banna thehlut a nih thu a sawi.

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