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Serchhip District-ah zirna in hawn dil theih

Mizoram sawrkar Disaster Managerment & Rehabilitation Department-in ni 7.8.2021-a thupek a tihchhuaha Clause B.2 bawhzuina atan Serchhip District Bawrhsap Kumar Abhishek chuan vawiin khan thupek tichhuakin, Serchhip District chhunga Covid-19 case awm lohna khuaahte chuan Village Level Task Force on Covid-19 leh Schoo Management Committee-te inrawnkhawmin zirna in hawn dilna Deputy Commissioner, Serchhip District-ah thehluh theih a ni tih a tarlang a, Zirna in hawnnaahte chuan School Education Department-in inkaihhruaina (SOP) an siam anga kalpui tur a nih thu a tarlang bawk.

School Education Department SOP

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