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National Award for best VO hlan

Ministry of Rural Development in Tipa Diary-1 Village organization chu ‘National Award for Best Performing Village Organization’ a hlan.

Tipa Rural Development Block buatsaihin nimin khan MADC DAO Conference Hall-ah a hlanna hun hi buatsaih a ni a, Mizoram State Rural Livelihood Mission CEO H. Lalchhandami’n he hun hi a hmanpui a, Tipa D1 VO hnenah National Award for best performing Village organisation hi a hlan a ni.

India ram pumpui a Village organization nuai 4 chuang zingah a tiṭha 10 thlanchhuah an ni a, chung zingah chuan Tipa Diary-1 Village Organization hi telin, Ministry of Rural Development in lawmpuina thuziak leh sumfai cheng nuai 2 an pe a ni.

Award hlanna hunah hianTipa RD Block MzSRLM hnuaia Cadres 4; Community Facilitator, Financial Inclusion Cadres, Agriculture Community Resource Person, Livelihood Community Resource Person tezinga a titha pakhat ṭheuh thlanchhuahte hnenah lawmman hlan a ni bawk.

He Award hlanna programme-ah hian Tipa khawchhunga Head of Department, NGO te, Village Council te, chanchinbu mite leh Self Help Group member te an tel a.

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