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Inkaihhruaina thupek tichhuak

Mizoram Sawrkar-in ni 14.10.2021-a Covid-19 hrileng vanga inkhuahkhirhna dân a chhuah angin Serchhip District Bawrhsap, Kumar Abhishek, IAS chuan ni 14.10.2021 khan Serchhip District chhunga Covid-19 hri leng darh zel tur venna atana ni 2.10.2021-a inkaihhruaina thupek a tihchhuah tawh chu ni 17.10.2021 aṭanga ni 30.10.2021 zanlai dar 12:00 thlengin Serchhip District chhungah hman chhunzawm tur a nih thu a tarlang a, he thupek zawm lo chu Disaster Management Act, 2005 Section 51 aṭanga 60, the Mizoram (Containment & Prevention of the spread of COVID-19) Act, 2020 leh IPC Section 188 hmangin hrem theih an ni tih a tarlang bawk.

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